Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Time to admit it: The Catholic Church has always been right on Contraception

Protest Pope Condom
I was delighted to read an article on bussinessinsider.com that was about how the Catholic Church has always been right about contraception. The article was produced by someone who isn't a Catholic, infact he isn't even religius at all! Yet here he is saying the Catholic Church has been right all along, which is, lets face it, a very rare thing in todays society. Anyway Here is some of the article:
"The Catholic Church is the world's biggest and oldest organization. It has buried all of the greatest empires known to man, from the Romans to the Soviets. It has establishments literally all over the world, touching every area of human endeavor. It's given us some of the world's greatest thinkers, from Saint Augustine on down to René Girard. When it does things, it usually has a good reason. Everyone has a right to disagree, but it's not that they're a bunch of crazy old white dudes who are stuck in the Middle Ages."
He Goes on to say:
"So, what's going on?
The Church teaches that love, marriage, sex, and procreation are all things that belong together. That's it. But it's pretty important. And though the Church has been teaching this for 2,000 years, it's probably never been as salient as today.
Today's injunctions against birth control were re-affirmed in a 1968 document by Pope Paul VI called Humanae Vitae. He warned of four results if the widespread use of contraceptives was accepted:
  1. General lowering of moral standards
  2. A rise in infidelity, and illegitimacy
  3. The reduction of women to objects used to satisfy men.
  4. Government coercion in reproductive matters.
Does that sound familiar?
Because it sure sounds like what's been happening for the past 40 years."

 A very rare and great statement from a non-religious person. Praise the Lord for this man.

Read the full article for yourself at: http://www.businessinsider.com/time-to-admit-it-the-church-has-always-been-right-on-birth-control-2012-2

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  1. I saw this article too! I passed it onto to a blogger in America who teaches Natural Family Planning.

    I think one of the biggest changes since the introduction of the pill is that women are having children much later. By the time they realise what a joy children can be it's too late to have more than one or two.